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May 31, 2002

The Kwongdzu has enormous claws;

Its character is full of flaws.

Edward Gorey, The Utter Zoo Alphabet

That’s today’s Gorey quotation, and it feels rather appropriate. It’s been another warm and rather exasperating day without a functioning catalogue. I’m going home now.


May 30, 2002

Hmm. When playing with the related:URL search at Google, I found that my home page is apparently similar to this site.



May 30, 2002

Det var en liten ekorre,

en mycket liten ekorre.

Han hade inte mycket förstånd

men han var varm och luden.

Nu är han kall, alldeles kall,

och alla hans små ben är stela.

Men han har fortfarande

den vackraste svansen i världen.

Tove Jansson, Trollvinter

<!–There was a little squirrel,

A very small squirrel.

He wasn’t very clever

But his fur was nice and warm.

Now he’s cold, quite cold.

And all his legs are numb.

But he is still the squirrel

With the marvellous tail.

Moominland Midwinter, translation by Thomas Warburton–>

I have just buried a squirrel. Not the cats’ doing; it had drowned in the water butt and I found it when I went to get a canful of water to provide for the plants. At first I thought it was a pine cone. . . but that was its tail; it was floating there quite peacefully. Unless all the crime novels I’ve read lie, it can’t have been in there too dreadfully long for it was quite stiff — all its legs were indeed numb — and rigor, I have learnt, leaves the body after a few hours. I buried it between a couple of roots beneath a birch. Good thing we don’t have dogs; while the furheads were interested, they won’t start to dig it out.

Unless I’m much mistaken it is about to start raining. (I hope it is; it’s been dreadfully close and clammy today and I’ve had a roaring headache almost all day.) If it had started a little bit earlier I would never have felt the need to water the redcurrant bushes, and hence wouldn’t have discovered the poor squirrel. I can’t say that prompts me to any deep philosophical thoughts, but it is nevertheless true.


May 30, 2002

Back at work. The library catalogue doesn’t work today because of a server overhaul, which means a lot of my normal work is impossible. Today’s quotation from my Edward Gorey desk calendar is

Forbear to taste

Library paste

I’m not certain what library paste is, but I’m sure it is good advice all the same.


May 28, 2002

Brief notes:

Visited Pemberley for the first time in many moons to post about the delivery of Steven Brust’s latest to the editor. I was received with cheers — they have missed me! 🙂

I also visited the Stockholm underground (this was a real in-the-flesh visit as opposed to the Pemberley one) and was struck, again, with how much more at home I feel in the London Tube. Yes, I know that’s sad.

And in one of the major daily newspapers, the Nigeria letter scam was presented as “New Email Hoax” today. (I only saw the headline, but that’s what it said. . .)


May 28, 2002

And in other news, I didn’t get the job I applied for at SIPRI. OK, I didn’t really expect I would, and I’m not at all sure commuting to Stockholm would have agreed with me. . . but I did hope I’d be called for an interview. Ah well.


May 28, 2002

Been in Stockholm all day to learn more about providing library services for students with disabilities. Really interesting, even though there won’t be anything about how to adapt web sites (which was the reason I was sent rather than anyone else. . . I’m not complaining though!) Tomorrow we are going to learn all about what we need to do in our local libraries; it had better not be anything that costs money!

Seriously, food for much thought has been had today, which may or may not result in further musings here. Right now I need to go fetch my bike from the station, though.