July 30, 2002

We bought a charming little book about Swedish popular beliefs and superstitions the other day, from the Fyris River boquinistes. It contains all kinds of odd beliefs about what happens if you do thus and so; if you neglect to clean your house in the morning, for instance, it means you will get visitors during the day. Right. . . so we have visitors every day, then; they probably turn up when we’re at work. Also, if the cat washes itself with one hind leg pointing straight out (as they do) it also means visitors, who will arrive from the direction the leg is pointing in. So now I wonder: What if the cat is washing itself, with the leg pointing south, and then falls over so the leg points east and the fully extracted tongue points straight up? Stina suggested it could mean that we’ll be attacked from every direction at once the next time we role play at our place. . .


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