August 13, 2002

I finished reading It last week; thoughts about it will be forthcoming. Meanwhile, I keep reading Eddison and Frank Kermode—the former is a delicacy to be savoured, I want to read it as slowly as possible; as for the latter, I try reading the relevant plays in parallel and that kind of slows the reading down. It’s fun to read Shakespeare, it really is, but apart from those plays I know well (and those aren’t many!) they are very slow reading. Oh, and I’m not reading all of them, far from it. . . but Kermode makes so many references to passages he assumes his readers know by heart, it really is necessary for me to familiarise myself more with them.

Meanwhile I’ve started reading a book by Lynn Flewelling, an author I’ve had recommended very highly. So far it feels like pretty standard fantasy—well-written but not particularly novel, but I haven’t got more than a few pages into it yet. I notice that I keep writing down first impressions of books here, which is a good thing; I didn’t consciously plan to do so but I think I’ll keep doing it, for once you have finished reading a book your first impressions of it have dissipated like yesterday’s mist, and I like being able to go back and see what I thought at first and if these thoughts hold true.


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