August 14, 2002

Well. We were going to have a quiet night at home, since Johan was out last night and we’re not going to be home tomorrow or Friday evening. Instead I had to phone Dad to drive me to the animal hospital with a heavily limping Bonadea. She was bleeding from her right foreleg (just over the joint) and when we tried to touch the leg she screamed. We thought the leg was maybe broken; truth to tell I was very worried. Our little furbrained tortoiseshelled Bonadea!

It turned out, however, to be nothing worse than a cut, although a fairly large one. . . we have to keep her inside and with a big plastic funnel-collar on for a few days, until the wound has started to heal and we can be certain the joint wasn’t hurt. So it looked much worse than it was, but it took a while for me to unwind. Poor furry one, she is still feeling a little dizzy from the sedatives, and not allowed to eat until tomorrow. I wonder how she got wounded. We suspect a shard of glass somewhere.


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