August 23, 2002

This is annoying. Last week I forked out quite a lot of money for a year’s worth of contact lenses, from my usually very reliable optician. I was tested, and told that my eyes seemed to be pretty much the same as last year, even a little bit less near-sighted, so I got slightly weaker lenses. The first couple of times I used them I thought I had rather weaker eyesight than usual but put it down to being unused to the new prescription; after four days however I realised that the lenses simply weren’t strong enough. When Johan and I were out dining with Anders and Stina the other night, we compared the distances we could read various signs from, and I constantly had to stand 10-20 metres closer to the sign than the rest of them. Grmbl. I’ll go talk to my optician now; they are a serious company, fortunately, so I envisage no difficulties in handing the unused lenses back. Still, it’s a drag.


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