September 13, 2002

Meanwhile, Sunday is election day; I have voted like a good citizen (by mail, since I won’t be here on Sunday.) The election promises to be an exciting one: it’s not unlikely that the non-socialist bloc will beat the socialist bloc, but it seems equally possible at this point that the social democrats will stay in power, although with whose support (Left party, Green party, Liberal party have all been mentioned as possible allies) is anybody’s guess. The Greens are on the verge of dropping below the 4% line which is the requirement for seats in the parliament, while the Christ Democrats are suddenly quite a large party. The Liberals, where I’m a member, got a very poor result in the 1998 elections — not much more than 4 percent — but the last week’s opinion polls show support of between 11 and 14%. . . as I say, it will be an exciting election!


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