September 28, 2002

Two images from this last week. . .

On Wednesday afternoon, I got an email from Johan saying he bought a book. For people who don’t know us, I should perhaps say that this isn’t exactly an odd thing for either of us to do; hence I thought it must have been a pretty special book, for him to write and tell me. So I replied and asked him what book it was. “Well, maybe it was actually two books”, he answered. “Three?” said I. “More like four”. “Five?” “Well, roughly, but actually about six.”

It turned out to be thirty-one.


On Thursday morning, I sent a goodmorning txt message from the bus to Watty, who replied that yes, possibly a good morning except he was stuck in traffic. I also txted nat, who’d sent me a message the previous evening complaining about the heat, and told her there was frost on the ground up here. She txted me back with some dried apricots, which were quite lovely, so I told her to send a few to Watty on account on him being stuck in traffic and probably in need of apricots. So from the 60th latitude, I asked for dried fruit from Turkey to be sent to England.

I like living in the information age!


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