October 19, 2002

By now we’ve lived here for a year (a year and two weeks, to be precise) and seen the entire cycle of seasons as it’s turned around our home. My initial feeling of weirdness about living in Storvreta again has abated, and the house still feels reasonably large (although far from overlarge!)

One of the first quirks we found out when we’d moved in in October of last year was that the fireplace had a mind of its own. To get a fire going we first had to unscrew the fire alarm, for there was no way to avoid the massive clouds rolling into the room. Over the year, we thought we’d learnt the technique: it’s a question of getting a good draught immediately, which is difficult because of the chimney design but as I say we thought we had it. Until the weather turned properly cold. With a pillar of air considerably below freezing point inside the chimney, the fog of Lützen quickly descended again.

It’s nice when things have personality. Yes, it is.


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