October 29, 2002

Am reading Minette Walters’ Acid Row which is a very dark book indeed. It’s not, strictly spoken, a crime story so much as a thriller, but it is constructed much in the same way as a crime novel: the very first lines tell of the outcome (paraphrased: “the rioters started to scatter as news of the killings spread. . .”) and then the book concerns the where, how and why of the riots and the killings. There is another plot thread as well, which does and doesn’t concern the main plot, and that’s a rather more traditional policework thread which actually doesn’t interest me much. I suppose it would have on its own, but taken against the main storyline and characters it pretty much only removes from the book. Then again, it’s the basis for everything that happens so it’s not irrelevant, only not as engaging as the rest.

The Shape of Snakes depressed me very much; I haven’t finished Acid Row yet so I can’t say whether it will, too; it certainly doesn’t leave me cold, though.


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