June 6, 2003

Now, then. Nipples. The cause of this post is this web site; don’t worry, it’s not the kind of site that could make company firewalls go KLAXON if you access it from work. They sell a product that helps women conceal their nipples. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t we all have them? (Saving those unfortunate people who have had breast surgery, but that’s a very different situation.) So why should they cause embarrassment? I am sure that some people do think it’s awkward when they show, but then again, usually that’s because of the temperature rather than anything else, and it happens to everybody. I don’t mean to belittle people’s social phobias or anything, I do often feel uncomfortable in social situations myself, so of course I can understand it, but selling this kind of product (let alone marketing it as the answer to every woman’s wishes) only confirms that embarrassment is the natural feeling, that having your nipples show through your clothes is on par with wetting yourself or something.

So it’s Shave your legs, Operate on your nose, Hide your nipples, Look like Barbie. . . I’m not outraged, it’s not worth getting all worked up over, but it does make me sigh very deeply.


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