July 3, 2003

In December this year, it will be 100 years since Sven Adrian Lindberg was born in Lövånger in Västerbotten county. In 1927 he married Agda Salomonsson from Hjoggböle and they lived in Bureå, raising ten children. Sven Adrian was a farmer and forester, he was a good horseman and he loved motor bikes. He was devoted to his children and later his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He was my grandfather — my mother was his fourth child — and he became the patriarch of a large family with a wealth of descendants. Agda died in 1974, and I have no memories of her, although I have seen a photo of myself sitting on her lap, a chubby, confused-looking nine-month-old baby — but Sven Adrian lived until 1992 and I remember him very well. Indeed it would be difficult not to remember him. He was a colourful person, full of anecdotes; he’d tell his stories in different voices, enjoying himself immensely. I remember his quiet, chuckling, infectious laughter. And I remember his dialect, which as a young child I couldn’t understand, it was the genuine bondska with a grammar and vocabulary sometimes very different from Swedish. There are speakers of bondska still; my mother can speak it, for instance; but it is hardly used as a native tongue any longer and the dialect is today an accent which, while quite distinct, isn’t difficult for a southern kid to understand.

In 1986, one of my cousins made a tape recording of Grandfather talking about himself and telling anecdotes about the family and other people. The other day, I got the CD of that recording in the mail: my cousin produced it for the 100th anniversary of Sven Adrian’s birth. It’s a wonderful trip backwards through time, and here is Sven Adrian Lindberg come alive again.

This link leads to a short extract from the CD (MP3 file 624K)


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