September 12, 2003

Nice site idea: youthought.com, a web site where anybody can post brief thoughts. It’s moderated, so shouldn’t get full of idiocy; I haven’t looked through it enough to see if there is actually anything worth reading there – that’s not the point, though, I just kind of liked the idea.

Dept. of Laughing til you Cry: Skateboarding email to Tony Hawks. There is a British comedian named Tony Hawks and an American skateboarder called Tony Hawk; the former often gets fan email intended for the latter, with hilarious consequences. (I do think he gets a bit too rude in the later messages, but that’s probably just me.)

WARNING: the “useless test” site has many, many popups. Many. Of the kind that’s really difficult to get rid of, and very possibly not of the work-safe kind. Popup killers are our friends.


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