September 30, 2003

Finally, finally the blasted pragmatics paper is done. And not too terrible either, or at least I don’t think so. Will get Sara’s verdict tomorrow. I’m hoping I’ll become slightly more disciplined about getting started with things: last-minute stress is awfully motivating to be sure but all the same I’d prefer not to have to rely on it.

So people think that is good. It was also nice to get a post card from K. of Brighton 🙂 as well as to be reminded that I was going to start learning Manx this autumn. Oh, and Tai Chi – I decided to take up Tai Chi, as my constantly aching back needs exercise but hurts too much whenever I move for it to be a good idea to start with anything more frenetic – but it seems the course probably won’t happen as there are too few people registered for it. Hmph.

The most astonishing thing to happen recently is however that the telephone company admitted that my phone bill must have been wrong. Txt messages to abroad should not cost more than txts within the country. So I’m getting money back – or possibly getting a new bill, I’ll call Customer Service tomorrow to check. I’ve had to send in the phone for service as the battery suddenly started emptying in a day after less than five week’s use, so am sitting with a phone I got on loan. I’m starting to think that Telia’s service is pretty good.


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