October 3, 2003

At work, I live in the Enclave. The Enclave consists of seven offices grouped around a hallway; and it houses 13 doctoral students. We have lived here for about two weeks by now, but it feels as if we’ve never been anywhere else. The Enclave is protected by a door to the corridor outside; the door is only locked after 6pm but it still gives us a feeling of being a little secluded. And we have decided to celebrate each others’ birthdays. Sara’s was this Monday and Peter’s yesterday. And today is the big house warming for the Enclave. We have invited the rest of the department to five o’clock – we’ll see how many show up.

It’s a nice group of people; we’re not exactly in and out of each other’s rooms all day long – we do work, too! – but it’s definitely a community feel to it.

Oh, and I share a room with the Supreme Ruler of the Enclave, who has appointed me, for some obscure reason, High Priestess. Peter is the Minister of Finance because he’s writing his dissertation on an alchemical treatise, so he can turn lead into gold… and Kicki of course is Minister of Refreshments and Joy, so she’s taken charge of tonight’s party. The rest of people at the department are partly sceptical, partly slightly jealous.


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