October 14, 2003

I have found a working outlet for my book- movie- and gadget-shopping needs, that doesn’t cost me a fortune: I made a wishlist at Amazon.uk, with the things I want, but (in most cases) wouldn’t buy for myself. Adding stuff to that list actually gives me the same kind of satisfaction as buying them would; it does not give me the satisfaction of actually owning and consuming them but that’s beside the point.

It annoys me that all items in their data base can’t be added to the wish list, though. Books such as Sluggy Freelance can’t be added, presumably because they are sold by a third party. Likewise the Liavek and Bloom County books can be found when I search for them but I can’t add them, because they are too old I suppose, and not kept in stock. But surely the point of having them there is supplying them to the buyer, and if they happen to be out of stock when a prospective gift-giver looks at the list they can’t be bought just then – still, it’s having the information there that’s interesting, and every item that is in stock will increase the profit for Amazon or else they wouldn’t sell it in the first place. So that’s definitely a minus side. After all, a lot of the stuff I’m interested in hasn’t been published in the last few years.

Still, making the list gave me a nice sense of splurging without spending any money at all, as I heaped DVDs and electronic gadgets onto it. . .

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