October 16, 2003

It’s wonderful to be able to stay in touch with people in all kinds of odd corners of the world, such as Helsinki, through the Internet. But it is also frustrating, because sometimes you do want to see people in real life as well, and it feels as if it ought to be simple as the contact is so relatively effortless after all. . . and it isn’t that simple, at all. I use Helsinki as an example advisedly; we do want to go and visit Sari and Jukka and I don’t see how we’ll be able to do that anytime soon. (The travel may be cheap but the ferry takes a day and a night, and apart from my irrational fear of ferries there is the aspect of finding the time. Why is there always so much year left at the end of the vacation time?)


I haven’t said anything about Jukka’s illness here, which is a bit odd perhaps — at first I wasn’t sure how public the knowledge was, and then I’ve hesitated for other reasons. While it is scary to be sure, cancer in itself is not as immediately terrifying as for instance CJD is, and I am not overly comfortable with writing things about other people’s personal lives. (That is probably the self-evident statement of the year, actually.) But I’m Library Babe, and I’ve read up on NHL and found that the prognosis is good. . . and it is, if I may say so without sounding as if I’m mocking those involved, a comfort to be able to read the good couple’s blog and so keep up with what’s going on.

So once we get new vacation days maybe we’ll try to enter one of those scary ferries after all, to go and see my Finnish twin and her man.

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