October 22, 2003

So I went to get my mobile phone back, and instead was given a brand new one as they hadn’t been able to repair the old one. Fair enough! Except half the buttons on this one don’t work (the right-hand-side ones) and my entire phone book was wiped out (the latter isn’t the phone’s fault, apparently the phone book isn’t stored on the SIM card, so it’s just a side effect of changing phones.) So now what do I do? Return to the store yet again and say “Erm, sorry, but I can’t press these buttons. . .”??

And home.se is down again. It’s the third time in a week, and the previous week was just as bad. How did they ever get to be elected the best free email service? And when will my email master get his act together and point my email at the working service that I pay for??

Grumble snort. To cap things, Sara and I found out yesterday that we have to write another section to the blasted pragmatics paper we handed in weeks ago, and I do need to get it finished today. At least I can watch the cats watching the snow fall, which is a very watchable spectacle.


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