November 14, 2003

I know I’m being unnecessarily uncommunicative in this here blog, but my supervisor wants my thesis proposal by the end of this week – which means Sunday, not Friday, but the earlier the better of course – and I’m writing in an increasing state of panic. Sara got her seminar text in last week, and got it back and is almost ready to send it in again… eek argh, I am too far behind! (Oh, all right, so her seminar is a week before mine and her text doesn’t have to be as extensive, but I’m still too far behind.) I keep discovering things I knew months ago and need to incorporate. Not to mention things I didn’t know months ago, but should have…. Sara tells me that I’m looking haunted. Well, she is, too – and Kicki has been looking positively despairing. We are such a merry party.

And yet this is what I want to do. And I’m genuinely afraid that my thesis proposal will be so bad that I won’t be allowed to go on!

So that’s why I’ve been uncommunicative lately. It’s because I’m writing about communication.


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