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February 28, 2004

I can’t be ill now, I just can’t! I was going to be a Mysterious Person Sitting in the Corner at Miranda’s birthday party tomorrow!! However, M and I agreed that a Mysterious Person Sneezing in the Corner is not likely to be very Mysterious at all, so there will have to be a substitute. Waaah. I don’t want to miss my own niece’s first real hobbit party…

I am making some progress with my paper though. I think. CdM gave me some useful advice for which I am eternally grateful, and Merja is happy, so I suppose I should be too. I’ll send her the version with the Really Cool 3D Graphic today 🙂 And then I’ll GET RID OF THIS COLD so I won’t have to let Terry present my paper in Helsinki…. that would be an anticlimax. I mean, it might not be wonderful or even particularly good or in any way useful, but it’s my useless paper, dagnabbit.

Also, we have almost bought a new stereo system! On Wednesday we went a-listening to various machines with ridiculous price labels tagged to them (or not tagged to them, as a matter of fact – they were that expensive) and then to some that were within economic reach, and found to our relief that we didn’t really hear any difference to speak of. We’re still not quite sure about the loudspeakers, so will listen more on Monday, but otherwise we know what we want, and we will get it.


February 26, 2004

Went home early on account of having threatening cold. Sara told me I looked like death and Merja gave me a magic potion (“Oh, the purple stuff!” said Terry) which I’ve been sipping tonight.

Will be going to bed really soon, but first I’ll post a few links. A movie poster quiz of the extermely hooking kind; another fun game which is not for the faint of, um, heart; and a Swedish-language link: the children’s programme on P3 this week and the next is worthy of becoming a classic.


February 25, 2004

A Java game that relieves frustration. You don’t need to know Finnish to play it (I don’t!)


February 23, 2004

I fight with Excel


In my small office lair

(-fice lair)

Too dreadful a practice

(too dreadful a practice)

Too dreadful

(too dreadful)

A practice

(a practice)

For the open air.

(for the open air)

Apologies to Henry Purcell. No apologies to Microsoft. Stupid Excel just quit unexpectedly for the second time in 20 minutes. Just like it did all the time yesterday.


February 23, 2004

Hmmmm. A colleague just asked me if I’m ill, just because I was here before 9am. I love being able to keep my own hours 🙂


February 21, 2004

The vinyl records are here. In row upon row of paper bags they have marched into our home (and our garage.) A huge Thank You to Sten Th, Marie, Wahlbom, Johan Holmgren and my dad, who drove the cars and carried the records!

Tomorrow the Sorting starts. (Well, except I have to work. Gah.)


February 20, 2004

Iranian bloggers report from today’s elections (English translations of blog posts.) I imagine this has been linked to from all over the place, but I don’t see that as a reason not to link there, as well. (In fact, I haven’t seen it linked to from anywhere but I’ve been pretty much out of the blogosphere for a month or longer. Can’t do everything at all times.)