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March 26, 2004

Tomorrow morning it is off to Istanbul we go. Way too early tomorrow morning, but nothing doing. (Flight LH3001 and LH3342 – I knew you all wanted to know! LH3351 and 3022 back next Sat.) I’m pretty much packed; number of books to bring is as always a problem but I settle for four or perhaps five. Yes, I’d better make it five.

The cats are with Stina & Anders. They hate the transport extremely (no, the cats, not S&A!) but once they were let out of their cages they were happy again.

We bought a guide book; we want to go up the Bosphorus, and we’re going to Termal to visit the hot springs and the hammam, and I predict that we’ll be eating lots and lots of very good food. Mmm.

(Six books. Just in case I fall ill and have to spend a couple of days in Nat’s flat…)


March 22, 2004

Birthday foodstuff was an interesting chapter. For dinner on Saturday I had marinated mushrooms, flatbread rolls with blue cheese, elk stew, crab pie, lobster, chicken stew, baked potatoes with herbs, salted almonds, elk steak, bread baked with fruit and aniseed, carrots, flatbread rolls with tuna, seven kinds of cheese (soft and marinated as well as hard), ice cream, figs marinated in port, almond pie… um, I can’t remember that I ate anything else. I’m sure the other dishes were good but I couldn’t eat another almond, even. (If anybody recalls any other dishes present on the tables, please remind me 🙂

And at MCiOS I got a cake, described thusly:

The cake is designed to satisfy all tastes. It has a fruit cake base, followed by an ice-cream layer, a cheesecake layer, and then sponge layers that are flavored: chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and herring. The layers are separated by: raspberry jam, cloudberry jam, chocolate frosting, chestnut cream, hazelnut buttercream, and marzipan, and the entire cake is covered by white royal icing. There is a marzipan snorkmaiden on the top.

They spoil me, my friends do 🙂


March 22, 2004

Am old. Have received many cool and interesting things; for instance some really nice hand-made chocolate and The Merlin Conspiracy by D W Jones, from Johan, Hy Brasil by M Elphinstone, from Kicki, Not the End of the World, by K Atkinson, from CdM, and a cuddly bathrobe from my aunts. Oaktree sent me ButtonMen and my parents gave me a very nice picture.

And from Miranda, I got Olof!


March 15, 2004

On March 15, 1990, my Latin class – 15 people, half of the humanities class of that year – donned togas and cloaks, and led by our teacher we sneaked through the corridors to the room where the other half of the class were having a Social Sciences lesson. Unnoticed by all save the students we sidled in, crept along the walls and finally stabbed the teacher with theatre daggers.

Happy Ides of March to you all!


March 11, 2004

Birthday. Happy. Johan.

Apparently turning 40 is a wonderful thing recommended to all who haven’t done so. Perhaps I’ll try it myself, some day.


March 10, 2004

Wallaby is abroad! (See my link from March 8, or the one in the left-hand margin) I’m so happy flerdle’s visa came through, finally finally.


March 8, 2004

Yes, I know I’m being monosyllabic and not particularly informative or entertaining…. I have tons of things to do, most of them involving writing, so somehow Néablog comes far down on the list. Even though posting to it takes much less time than all the procrastinating I do in connection with the other writing I have to do. Go me, or something.