April 29, 2004

The penguin is a very funny creature

Have you seen one I know you can’t deny

That there is nothing as peculiar as a penguin

Unless it’s you and I!

(Peculiar Penguins)

There is something about penguins – an in particular, there have been a lot of them about recently. The Penguin Slap game I linked to a few months ago (here) was followed by three more games in the same vein; the series is now called Yeti Sports and all the games are here. I dunno, I don’t find it quite as addictive when there’s four of them at the same site, though. I can stop whenever I want to.

And then yesterday, I received the .gif image linked below. It came to me in an email that had been forwarded at least five times, so its origins are shrouded in mist… hence I can’t provide a proper attribution. But who cares – watch it and tell me you don’t know somebody you would like to do this to!

Very Peculiar Penguins

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