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February 27, 2005

Here are two photos I took at 11pm last night, from our living room out towards the terrace:

Here are photos from roughly the same angles, taken at 10am this morning:

(all the small pictures are clickable, and will open as a ~100K picture in a new window)

The garbage bins (green and brown) show how much snow came the last 24 hours – there was no snow on top of them yesterday morning:

Bonadea braved the weather, though the snow reached over her head.

The best way for a cat to get anywhere is to flounder dolphin-like through the snow – which I measured next to the tracks, and it was 37 cms deep just there:

A couple of other snaps. We got snow!!


February 26, 2005

Thought of today: You can’t be brave unless you are frightened. Bravery is not about not feeling fear; bravery is conquering the fear you feel.


February 25, 2005

OK, let’s see if you all are smarter than I am: If you got this txt message from a uknian friend:
Dunker! Ivar! Pjatteryd! Rigga! Ludde! Poäng!!!

What would you think it meant?


February 16, 2005

I don’t suffer from aging paranoia, thankfully; a little past 30 is a not unusual age for that sort of thing. I’ll probably get there sooner or later.

All the same it’s a little disconcerting when children I have known all their lives are suddenly at an age I can remember being, myself. The summer I was 11, I spent in the US, and I remember that very well. Yesterday, Miranda turned 11. It doesn’t make me feel old, but I do realise that I’m probably a grown-up, whether I want to or not.

Happy yesterday, M.


February 11, 2005

They liked me – they really liked me! I did well on the singing straight from the sheet part, and my ear is pretty good too, but my voice gets all tense and horrible when I’m nervous, and I don’t think I sang beautifully at all… yet I made it. Yay!!


February 10, 2005

Wish me luck – I’m off to audition for a choir I really would like to get into….


February 4, 2005

Drakborgen is a board game that was first published in 1985. It is a family-type board game (as opposed to a gamer-type game) but has fairly complicated rules in comparison with other games on that market. The object is to play a hero who enters an old castle looking for treasure; the place is ridddled with traps and monsters and if you don’t get out before sundown, you lose. A bit like role playing without the actual role playing – no subtilities of character or moral dilemmas, just good old monster hacking and trasure hunting. It was exported as Dungeon Quest, and as far as I know the rules are just the same.

Johan and I played it a couple of times last weekend. Neither of us ever survived to get out of the castle – it is a difficult game! We had lots of fun playing it, though. I’ve seen some reviews of it claiming that it’s all luck, and maybe it seems so to a die-hard strategy gamer… but I am pretty sure that there are useful strategies to employ to get through the castle alive. Here are some pictures of the various event cards.

There is a new edition as well, Drakborgen: The Legend from 2002, but I don’t know anything about that. The 1985 version I’d recommend without hesitation, though.