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March 30, 2005

So much happened and each thing could fill an entire posting.

Eastercon, of course. Paragon 2 in Hinckley; a little thinner in the programme department than usual, but that didn’t bother me overly. Our finances being better than they have been since I started the PhD, we allowed ourselves a larger budget for books: here is the result. (Several of the book dealers offered to buy us drinks. Fancy that.)

Teddy was at the convention, which was fun – the last Eastercon we both went to was in 2000. The hotel was good, high standard, very friendly staff, plentiful meals. And a leisure centre where we went to swim on most days.

However, as it is now bedtime, the rest will have to wait. Then you might find out why they now call me Der Flabberghast.


March 22, 2005

Hm. The comments are gone. I didn’t remove them – it seems that enetation, the external site I use for comments, is down.

I hope they will return. Too many people have been writing nice and/or interesting things – I don’t wanna lose them.


March 22, 2005

“Uppsala Bus Co, ticket office.”
“Um, yes, hello, my name is Linnéa Anglemark, Storvreta. I have a bit of a problem with my bus pass.”
“Well, the card reader in the bus didn’t accept it – the driver said the card must be broken and I need to get a new one… problem is, I don’t have my receipt… at least, I have it somewhere but can’t find it.”
“That should be OK. Have you used it since you last charged it with money?”
“Yes, I have. It’s a one-year card, and I last renewed it in January.”
“A one-year card? Oh, that’s different matter… how can you not have your receipt if you have a year-pass?? We tell everybody to make sure they keep it.”
(small voice) “I have the receipt somewhere, I’m sure I haven’t thrown it away… I just can’t find it.”
(merry laughter) “It’s fine, I just wanted to scare you a little. You only need the receipt if you lose the card. You’ll get a new receipt when you come to change it – just bring an ID, OK?”
“Oh, OK!”
“I bet you put that receipt in a Safe Place.”
“I probably did, yes…”

Sometimes, I love the bus company. They certainly have some very nice people working in their customer support.


March 20, 2005

I am alive, I am I am!

Have sung Bruckner – Mass in E Minor – with my new choir; have been ill for a long time with lots of minor colds following after each other; have turned 32 (today, as a matter of fact); have done a lot of ODPing and a lot of work – but therre must be more interesting things to talk about here…

Johan had fun last night (and will likely kill me for linking to that picture.)

We’re going to England on Thursday.

I have discovered a dangerously addictive game.

And the Orange MC version of the amazing game 10000 Celerity CDs [sic] has come to an end. It started in August 2001, and is, well, pretty amazing.