March 22, 2005

“Uppsala Bus Co, ticket office.”
“Um, yes, hello, my name is Linnéa Anglemark, Storvreta. I have a bit of a problem with my bus pass.”
“Well, the card reader in the bus didn’t accept it – the driver said the card must be broken and I need to get a new one… problem is, I don’t have my receipt… at least, I have it somewhere but can’t find it.”
“That should be OK. Have you used it since you last charged it with money?”
“Yes, I have. It’s a one-year card, and I last renewed it in January.”
“A one-year card? Oh, that’s different matter… how can you not have your receipt if you have a year-pass?? We tell everybody to make sure they keep it.”
(small voice) “I have the receipt somewhere, I’m sure I haven’t thrown it away… I just can’t find it.”
(merry laughter) “It’s fine, I just wanted to scare you a little. You only need the receipt if you lose the card. You’ll get a new receipt when you come to change it – just bring an ID, OK?”
“Oh, OK!”
“I bet you put that receipt in a Safe Place.”
“I probably did, yes…”

Sometimes, I love the bus company. They certainly have some very nice people working in their customer support.


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