September 11, 2005

My friend Duncan says this about biking:
You may think you look silly, but you’ll look a lot sillier not being able to feed yourself after a head injury.”

He’s right, you know. And I do wear a helmet when biking, except I didn’t yesterday when I biked over to my parents’ place for dinner – I was in a hurry, and it’s only a few minutes’ way away, and then I braked for another cyclist and found that the brakes (on Johan’s bike which I’d borrowed, my own having a puncture) were very efficient indeed. Finding myself helplessly thrown over the handlebars, I met the asphalt chin-first, while the bicycle crashed down under me. Rather foggily, I heard the other biker exclaim and ask how I was doing, which wasn’t easily answered just then. I got up on my hands – which were unhurt, having clutched the handlebars – and tried to determine if anything was broken, and if my teeth were still there, and where did all the blood on the ground come from?? Oh, and look, there are my glasses, they are unbroken, thank god…

I got through remarkably unhurt, however. A deep cut on the chin (which was where the blood came from – it bled like crazy), scrapes on my chin and upper lip, big bruises on my legs and some generally aching muscles, and loss of skin on my elbows. That’s all. No breakage, no dental injury, no concussion. A helmet wouldn’t have protected me any, in this instance, but I’m still going to wear it from now on.


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