September 15, 2005

I wrote a bit back in January and February about joining a new choir. Well, it so happened that that choir, having existed since the late 1960s, disbanded this summer. Was disbanded, really – although there was a bit of dissatisfaction within the choir about the lack of tenors and the fact that we were never able to perform without the support of another choir, I don’t think there was a general feeling that the choir needed to be dissolved. It was, however, and we singers got to apply for other choirs. In particular, we were allowed to apply to a very good choir indeed, one of the other choirs in the cathedral, which I would never have dared apply for if we hadn’t been explicitly encouraged to. So I applied, singing worse than ever before at the audition – however I was accepted (provisionally) and am now a proud and happy member of this group. We’re going to Ireland in November, and have about five other concerts this autumn… so this will fill my free time (cue to fall over laughing) nicely!

Did I mention it’s FUN, though?

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