September 28, 2005

Recent sighting: one of the Uppsala cafés (Landings by Forumtorget, for locals) sell, among their other hand-made confectionary, Congac Truffles. I expect to see them dancing past any time now.

Looming fear: 10-credit exam in 3 hours’ time. Ten credits is supposed to be, roughly, equivalent to ten weeks’ work. The subject is Middle English, and I am feeling exceedingly muddled.

Upcoming relief: Am about to be replaced as chair of the department’s graduate student society, at the annual meeting in 45 minutes. Not that it is a lot of work, but it’s one thiing less to keep track of.

Frustrating fun: The three GROW games: GROW which I’ve linked to before but that’s more than a year ago and I’ve forgotten the solution, GROW RPG which is easier to solve but has lots of extra effects, and GROW CUBE which was released only the other day, is rather difficult but fun. And I had to get help to solve it.


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