November 20, 2005

I’ve been keeping Néablog, off and on, since April 2002. (Check the archives to the right if you don’t believe me.) When I started, it felt a bit as if I was a lemming, jumping on a train that pretty much everybody had already embarked long ago.

The first years, I was slightly active in the Swedish weblog movement (well, maybe not a movement for that implies an organization with an agenda and a goal. The network of Swedish bloggers, perhaps) which included central people like Erik Stattin, Bengt O Karlsson and David Pettersson (who has since changed his name). Annica Tiger is arguably one of the most active bloggers in Swedish today, and she’s been at it since 1997 for goodness’ sake – I’ve never really read her blog but I don’t think it’s ever been inactive. Weblogs.se started in 2002, I believe – or did it already exist before I started blogging? My memory is a bit hazy. In any case, that was a great resource for finding, reading, bookmarking and recommending Swedish blogs, and it existed for several years before it had to be discontinued in mid-2004 for reasons of economy. These days, it’s Sweblogs.com instead, though I’ve never really familiarised myself with that site.

My point? That it is beyond ridiculous when media writes about weblogs as a phenomenon that cropped up in 2005.


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