November 29, 2005

It is that time of year, again, and I signed up for it, again. Last year I got a Glen Cook and a David Crystal, the year before I got two Arthur Ransome novels… I have been spoilt!

I refer, of course, to Secret Santa, where you receive gifts from your Amazon Wishlist (mine is linked over there to the left!) and send something to somebody else, from their list. I remember a couple of years ago trying to explain to some people that no, it is not a zero-sum game, it’s not the same as buying yourself something from your own list. Of course you’ll get something you want and that you explicitely asked for, that’s why you have it on your list – but the whole point is getting surprised by which item the secret Santa picks! And of course getting to pick something for somebody else, that you know they want. It’s not a zero-sum game – more like a win-win situation.


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