December 2, 2005

Today I encountered some unexpected generosity – or honesty, rather. I bought a domain name yesterday, you see (as you do – except I don’t, nea.pp.se is the only domain I’ve ever owned and now I bought a real .se domain. Feeling grown up now.) I paid the amount stated on the site, which wasn’t very much really, and covered the initial setup plus one year’s registration fee at nic.se.

And today I got a refund, since nic.se lowered their rates, and the company I used to register the domain name elected to refund the customers rather than keep it as an extra bonus. Which was no more than right really, since they lowered the fee yesterday, and the decision was made public just after my payment came through as far as I understand… still though, if they had decided to keep the extra amount I wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on since I did pay the amount stipulated on the site at the time of billing.

So I don’t hesitate for a moment to recommend dinegen.se for all your .se domain needs.


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