December 6, 2005

So I went to see my doctor, because it’s perfectly ridiculous to have a stupid cold for three weeks. He drew blood and poked me in the throat with a stick and didn’t come up with anything. Sigh. But at least he prescribed a couple of good cough medications.

Then I popped by work, since my doctor’s office is just across the graveyard from the dept of English. My supervisor is great, she really is – she suggested that my planned seminar before Christmas be moved to January, and that I study some Old English now, not with any set exam date or pressure, but just to make it less frustrating having to be home. I feel much better about my work situation now.

I read recently that cocoa is good against coughs, so I popped by the chocolate shop on the way home (both my supervisor and Terry told me I should, so I did!) On the bus home I started coughing, and ate a couple of chocolate mocca beans, and the fit subsided immediately. Yay chocolate!


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