March 31, 2006

I suppose that when you are a published academic, you are expected to be so high above worldly concerns that seeing your name in print is of no consequence. Well, sod that for a game of soldiers (as Terry would say.) I’m published! In vol 66 of Neuphilologische Mitteilungen, ISSN 0028-3754; my paper is on p 295-305.

I think that is extremely cool. So there.



  1. That is so very kewl!

    Ah, to be a published author… Wait, I am!

    Less than hundred and something days to Finncon and the Anglemark onslaught! You (two) will soon be contacted by various menas (if necessary) about your possible participation for programming or somewhat. Gophering at least!

  2. Very cool. Well done!

  3. A friend of mine was editor of an academic journal that was publishing a paper by the famous Irish statistician, Roy Geary, shortly before his death (at a very respectable old age). She told me that he said something like the following to her (I forget who xxx was): “My dear, xxx said that great men never tire of seeing their names in print. [beat] I never tire of seeing my name in print.”

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