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October 25, 2006

By the way, I activated word verification in the comments — you’ll have to look at a picture and type the characters you see, to be able to post. There was quite a bit of comment spam here and it takes a long time to remove it manually, so I guess word verification could be the lesser evil; if anybody has a problem using it let me know, though.


October 24, 2006

A slow return, with a few time-wasters:

Drifts is a skill/reaction type game, but nicely slowish. I haven’t made it onto the highscore list yet, unlike some other people I could name. (from flerdle@MCiOS)

Sling is another game, more of a physics puzzle. The time component stresses me out a bit (not to mention the music — fortunately it can be turned off) ; I prefer my puzzle games not to be timed. It’s still fun, though. (from KC@ODP)

Die Anstalt, a German game (but with English and Italian versions, just click the relevant flag) set in a mental hospital for plush toys. Rather different, and very enjoyable. (from Projoy@MCiOS)


October 1, 2006

So, Blogger still doesn’t work in Firefox. (I can’t log in to my account, it tells me I have disabled cookies which is patently not true). I am so tired of working things being “fixed” so they no longer work.

Anyway. It’s not as if Blogger is the only site that doesn’t work completely in Firefox; I have resigned to use Safari for Kingdom of Loathing and some other sites. And it’s not the end of the world anyway.