January 1, 2007

Happy New Year.
In 2006, some good and some bad happened. I never did get back into the blogging habit. But I won’t dwell on that — there is too much guilt connected to not blogging and that’s just silly. Better just to post 🙂
In 2007 I will finish and defend my PhD thesis, or else — well, there is no else. I will. What else? I’d like to go places with M, and also hang out some more with H and V; A is getting a bit too old to want to socialise with aunts, and N is too young still. Nieces and nephews are excellent, at any rate. Especially mine. As for the rest, I have no real plans. We shall see what happens.

The old year ended well, we had a very excellent dinner with some of my favourite people, played a board game and chatted comfortably for several hours, before toasting and listening to the church bells ringing in the new year. I also got seriously annoyed with some idiot children (a group of 10-15-year-olds or so) who were shooting fireworks in a patently illegal spot, only a few metres outside the window at our friends’ ground floor apartment. They held the pieces in their hands, too – and there were adults with them, too, so I think the epithet “stupid” really does apply, not just “too young to understand”. It ended without any accidents or broken windows; the effect on the dogs in the surrounding flats is unknown. Other than that fireworks thing, as I say, excellent.

Am watching the ski jumping from Garmisch. It is New Year’s Day after all. However, the jumping is no longer broadcast in the afternoon just after the New Year’s concert from Vienna; instead we have to wait until the evening, and we can only watch it because we have all kinds of odd channels. But I don’t mind. I do feel old watching the competition, though – they are mere boys, almost all of them. I’ll order a Zimmer frame on Ebay tomorrow.


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