January 10, 2007

Shiny new toy I covet: iPhone. Will cost a bundle and not be available for ten months or so. But still.

I wonder just how revolutionary the phone is, though. I mean, will it cause an industrial or cultural revolution, or just overthrow the natural order in society? Will it collaborate with the cats to make them the decision-makers? I think Apple should make these things a bit more clear.

Also, and slightly less flippantly, it does sound a bit dangerous to be able to make a call just by pointing at a phone number in the phone book. I mean, I sometimes call the wrong person as it is, by being absent-minded. Not to mention that we sometimes receive “pocket calls” from people whose mobiles (in their pocket) wasn’t locked, and we are first in their call list – is it really a good idea to make it easier to do that? Not that I know just how this one-click call system actually works, mind you.

Anyway. Shiny toy. Shiny.


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