February 3, 2007

Melodifestivalen, the Swedish contest to pick a song to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest, is run as a series of semi finals and a final. The first semi final is tonight, apparently. While I’m completely uninterested in the whole concept, it doesn’t bother me much — I am not forced to watch it after all. But I do find it slightly offensive that it is spoken about as if it something that interests the overwhelming majority of the Swedes, when that is patently not true. Being curious, I checked the viewer ratings for last year’s Melodifestivalen, and found that the semi final which had the biggest audience had about 2.3 million viewers, while the final had the largest number of viewers ever: about 4.2 million. That is not quite 47% of the population of Sweden: a very very impressive number of people to be sure, and kudos to the producers since they have obviously created somehing that many people want to watch.

But not even GW Bush could claim that forty-six point something percent is an overwhelming majority.

One comment

  1. Well, yes and no. It means every other Swede, more or less is watching, all ages included. I’d say that’s a pretty hefty lot. I guess it’s at least in the top five or so audiences for a year.

    Incidentally, I sat in front of the first semi-final tonight. The lineup was impressively bland.

    As for GWB, 46% of the American population would make an overwhelming majority in any of their elections, given the normal rate of voting…

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