February 14, 2007

I received two fake e-cards this morning. It was obvious from the subject line that they were fake — real ones tend to mention the person who sent them, which these didn’t, and besides, getting two identical notifications made the spam warning klaxon go off immediately.

Here is what the messages looked like:

Från: services@americangreetings.com
Ämne: Valentine’s Day eCard !
Datum: onsdag 14 feb 2007 07.17.48 GMT+01:00

To view your eCard, choose from the options below.
Click on the following link.
Or copy and paste the above link into your web browser’s “address” window.
If you have any comments or questions, please visit
Thanks for using AmericanGreetings


1. http://02317.americansgreetings.net/uk/viewcard.html
2. http://02317.americansgreetings.net/uk/viewcard.html

Note the “References” URLs – they lead to americansgreetings.net. (In the second one, they led to americansgreetings.biz.) Those are the real URLs that the ecard link and the “Contact” link led to. I haven’t tried to visit those sites, needless to say.

I thought it would be a good idea to let americangreetings.com know that their address was being spoofed, so I emailed their customer service. However, it turns out that unless you are a paying customer with them, you can’t email them. There is good business practice for you.



  1. Hi I got caught by this…….logged ont the site first time,my anti phishing ware didn’t id it. What can I do now to retrieve the situation.

  2. I’m sorry, Nick, I don’t have any specific advice – I don’t even know if this is a phishing scam from people trying to get your credit card details, or if it is an attempt to infect your computer with a virus.

    Check for viruses, and don’t provide your personal information, is all I can say. All I know about it is that I got the messages — I put the full details on this site just in case anybody else wanted to know if it was a scam. (Which they obviously did. I’ve received a lot of Googlehits for this post.)

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