September 10, 2007

Lemming-like, I have joined Facebook and find it entertaining. Somebody asked recently in another blog: “But what do you do with Facebook?” and it’s a good question, I guess. I see two different functions with it: one is pure amusement value, find old friends (yesterday I added a link to somebody I haven’t seen for 20 years, and there was much rejoicing), play Scrabble, send virtual mugs of tea and growing seeds, post your status to let people know what you are doing at that moment, join groups with like-minded people, and generally play around with shiny toys. So it’s fun, and that’s the main reason. The other thing is that I feel vaguely guilty about not knowing much about current Internet trends – after all I am supposed to be some kind of expert. Myspace is pretty much a whitespace on my personal Internet map, for instance – I know very little about it. I do hang out at LiveJournal, and I read a (very small) assortment of blogs, but not the ones that I read in the papers that “everybody is talking about”. So Facebook is also a window into the current trends of the Internets.

But mostly it’s just a shiny toy. The groups function, and also the networks, are not particularly interesting I think; it’s the individual interaction that makes it something I come back to. (That, and Scrabble.)


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