September 20, 2007

I have grumbled about Blogger, repeatedly, in the five years and a bit that Néablog has (intermittently) existed, but I believe I am approaching the point where I’ll do something about moving to another platform. I’m tired of having all non-English characters in my older postings mangled, I’m tired of the archiving system only sort of working, and above all I’m tired of the time it takes to do the simplest update. One of the defining characteristics of a weblog is that it’s a rapid medium; slower than chat but much faster than offline writing. And ever since Google bought Blogger, posting to the blog, updating the template, adding tags to postings and everything else that involves writing to the blog takes at least several minutes every time. One of my recent posts took over a quarter of an hour to publish. In the olden days before Google, it was possible to publish just the index page of the blog; now, however, the entire blog is re-published, all 630-something posts each time I do an update, however small. Which means, of course, that the non-English chars in my older posts stay mangled, for I don’t have the hours it would take to update the posts (and in any case there is no guarantee they won’t be mangled again, even though I use ASCII codes these days.) Of course one is not supposed to publish to another domain than blogspot, and we who do so are punished for it. It just isn’t funny any longer.

Besides, I am tired of the washed-out look of this thing, but there is no way I’d start playing around with templates given how long an update takes.

So. WordPress, I think. It is possible to install it on the server – I’d have to check with Walter if it’s possible – or I could just import this whole blog to wordpress.com. I have already registered an account there.


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