October 3, 2007

Here are some fun games I’ve discovered over the past couple of months or so. Most of them I found at the excellent site Jay is Games (or is it Jayisgames?).

In Bloons you get to throw a dart through a lot of balloons. It’s as silly and satisfying as it sounds, and it gets very difficult after a while. (posted at MCiOS, I can’t remember by whom)

Hoshi Saga is a Flash game where the object is to find a star that’s hidden in each of the 25 levels. Sometimes easy, sometimes quite difficult.

I’m tempted to call Trapped a point-and-click game, because that’s what you do in it, but the author says it isn’t. It is an escape-the-room type of game, with some rather difficult puzzles; I found it very intriguing and fun to play. It’s my favourite kind of game, I think, the kind with a lot of clicking, puzzling and pondering with no time limit or shooting. Part one is available, out of three. I’ve signed up to be told when parts two and three are finished.

Remember the GROW! games? I’ve linked to several different ones over the years. Here is GROW! Tribute, not created by the original GROW! creator, but managing to be very similar. Not as fun, I didn’t think, partly because the music is more annoying. Still worth playing for a few minutes’ entertainment, though. There is a new GROW! game, too: GROW Nano. Which is… less challenging 🙂

Bodilies is another solve-the-story point-and-click puzzle game, and a very beautiful one too, with great music. It’s a while since I played it now, but I really loved it.

I can’t remember if I’ve already linked to Ring Pass Not; I played it all the time a few months ago when it was posted at MCiOS. Beautiful and hooking solitaire-type game.


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  1. This is great! Thanks for the links. 🙂

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