October 16, 2007

POOR CATS! This has been a thoroughly miserable day for them. No food since last night (well, I removed the bowls at midnight), not allowed to go out this morning, and then being shut into the cages which they hate, having to travel by car which they don’t like much, either, and finally being pulled out of the cages (which by then seemed like havens of safety) by some unknown woman who listened to their hearts. They left damp footprints all over the vet’s desk (cats sweat through their paws).

And then I had to leave them there and pick them up a couple of hours later. By then they had been anesthetised and woken up again, and lay in the cages like little uncomprehending balls of fur. Bonadea had quite a lot of tartar to remove, but no infections in the gums or anything – though it is possible that she might develop FORL, which there is no treatment against and no way to prevent or halt. On the other hand, she might not develop it at all. The vet and the nurse both admired the cats and said they were in great health as well as really cute; I soaked it all up, of course. They also told me to brush the cats’ teeth – this could be a problem, we’ll see. I bought a tube of cat toothpaste (with liver taste, yech).

And then back home again in the nasty car, but this time they were quiet, pushing their noses into my hands through the cage doors. “Let them rest somewhere warm and dark, where they can’t fall down and hurt themselves”, the vet said. Well, the cats didn’t want any part of that. I shut them into the bathrooms, but after two minutes they were scratching the door for me to open. They almost couldn’t walk, but they would not lie still; I put down blankets and towels by every radiator in the house, but they persisted in hobbling around, falling over every so often, trying to get on the window sills and failing, trying to get on the furniture and failing, throwing up a few times (not that they had anything to throw up), and just looking really, really miserable. It was rather pathetic and sort of scary, even though I knew it was transitory.

After a few hours they calmed down, Cassandra went to sleep on my lap and Bonadea on my feet on the floor. And at eight or so they started to eat a little again. By now they seem almost back to normal, just a little unsteady on their feet. And with gleaming white teeth.


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