October 22, 2007

My first post using WordPress – all the previous posts are imported from Blogger. (Although over 200 posts were not imported, so I’ll have to do that by hand, yay. I will do it, though, even if those posts are five years old – I want the complete thing to be here.)

It feels nice to be here though. Clean, somehow.

[added later: And things work!]



  1. Even if you import Blogger-written posts here, can you get the comments as well?

  2. By the way, if you can activate per-post RSS feeds for comments that would be really shiny.

  3. Yes, comments are imported. I used to have Enetation, a comments software in my blog before Blogger added a comments function – those comments are lost forever I’m afraid. But all the comments from recent years (not very many, but my millions of fans are the strong silent kind of people) are there.

    And there are several shiny things I hope to be able to implement 🙂 I’ll look into the per-post RSS thing.

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