October 26, 2007

Hans*, there is now a comments RSS feed – check the bottom right corner.

Comments moderation is automatic on the wordpress.com site, presumably for good reason, socomments won’t show up until I’ve had a chance to moderate them. Most days I’m at the computer all day, of course, and there are very few comments anyway so it’s not really a problem.

*CMC address alert



  1. You can set the comments system on WordPress.com to allow comments (that pass the pretty good spam filter) automatically, and moderate them afterwards (or in case the filter thinks they might be spam). That’s what I’ve done with the Åcon site, and it’s worked really well so far.

  2. Seems I’m not quite familiar with all the features yet 🙂 Thanks, Tero.

  3. Cool.

    (It only seems to be a blog-wide feed for comments, not per-post, though.)

  4. Hm. of single-post pages is just “Neablog”. It would be nice with the blog title there as well, if that’s something you can tweak.

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