Not a Dog Kennel

February 3, 2008

We bought a new bed today! Or actually just a really hightech mattress, to go in our old bed. Our current water mattress is 12 years old by now and they did say it might start getting leaky at 10, so it is a matter of some priority. We didn’t go for water this time, however, but something that sounds like Japanese batter. I read up on Tempur before we went to the store, and it seems as if people either love or hate it — but they do have a return policy in case it turns out we won’t adapt to it. But we both liked it very much in the store, so we’re hopeful. Delivery in 5-8 weeks’ time.


One comment

  1. Wahey!

    Another PeBloWriMoer! Good of you to join.

    I must take responsability for this here “PeBloWriMo”. I realised (as I’m sure all Muffins readers had too) that I’ve been blogging more and more infrequently, even though I’ve been having these ideas and thoughts in me that have been looking for a exit.

    I don’t honestly know whether I’ll have anything interesting to say during this month (so far it has been pretty much just moving-stuff), but at least I’ve been able to write something sort of regularily. Which I think is good and beneficial in the long run.

    And if I can keep this up (OK, so I wasn’t really able to blog on Sunday) I hope at least that things will be somewhat different in the future and when I actually have those brilliant and interesting points to make and stories to tell(ahum), I WILL BLOG, instead of just whimpering “I should write something about this, or that”.

    But I digress:

    Our bed that just moved to our new home is about ten years old. New bed wouldn’t be look askew upon, but I don’t think that bed will be something we’ll be looking too soon.

    Beds are problematic things to buy. I can pretty much sleep wherever for few nights, but in order to know for sure whether the bed is right for you, one has to sleep there for several nights, not just a brief interlude at the Beds Are Us! or some such mattress provider.

    And surprisingly, the best beds are often the most expensive ones! Fancy that.

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