February 6, 2008

Oh dear, bedtime and no blog post. I’ll just post some game links and hopefully noone’ll notice…

The Great Kitchen Escape is a fun clicky game where the object is to get out of the kitchen.

Treasure Box is some kind of… interactive art, I suppose.

You are lucky! is more than a little reminiscent of GROW! only different.

And Trapped parts one and two are unavailable. That sucks – they were great games and I was waiting for part 3.



  1. Are you talking about the Trapped from Godlimations?

    Part 1 (Trapped), part 2 (Pursuit) and part 3 (Escape) are at the author’s site:

    http://www.godlimations.com/index.php?id=Games (direct links don’t seem to work).

  2. No, I meant Trapped – The white Rabbit and Trapped – The Dark, by Rodrigo Roesler and Bruno Maestrini. They used to live on Roesler’s site, rodrigoroesler.com, but that’s giving me a 404 now.

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