February 7, 2008

So as I mentioned, a new phone. The old one was… five years or so, I think. It was reasonably functional still, although the sound quality was terrible to the point where I often couldn’t hear the person I was talking to at all, and the “6” (mno) key was bad so I usually had to press it several times. So all in all it didn’t feel like too much of a mad splurge to get a new one.

I wanted to stay with Nokia because it’s what I’m used to; I got a 6085 (sand gold). It has a camera, and I can listen to the radio, and in theory also to mp3s. In theory only, because you need a Windows computer to transfer music – but I knew that before I bought it and I wasn’t looking for an mp3 player anyway. Nor a camera, and the one in this phone is fairly bad, which again I knew. The things I was looking for work just fine though. The sound quality when I use the phone to talk is excellent, and the sms sending also works great. And I can send and receive pictures!! Oh, and there is a hook where I could attach the Moomin I bought a year ago in Helsinki, for the day when I’d get a new mobile with such a hook. And there is a Sudoku game, which means I don’t have to miss the Backgammon on the old phone, especially since that was getting a bit too easy to beat.

No particular downsides to it, so far. It’s annoying that the pre-set template messages can’t be erased, but I suppose that’s a Nokia thing, and unlike my old phone this one doesn’t seem to run out of memory very quickly. Good phone, I’d recommend it as long as you’re not looking for a superduperultrawow thing. (I still covet an iPhone of course, but that won’t be possible for normal humans to buy for several years, I believe.)


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