Choir boot camp

February 9, 2008

Actually, I think “boot camp” only refers to intensive training for new recruits, and this weekend is intensive training for the whole choir. I left a bit early today because I wasn’t feeling very well, and anyway I wasn’t staying overnight so I wanted to get home before it got too late – so here I am, dutifully producing another PeBloWriMo post. Of the things we are rehearsing now, I don’t like the Britten piece, God’s Grandeur: I can only manage to sing about half of it because the rest of the alto part is too high, but apart from that it’s just not the kind of polyphony I like to listen to or perform. Apart from that the current play list meets with my approval: Three Songs from Shakespeare by Vaughan Williams is fun and I think it’ll be quite good once we’ve learnt it properly, Rheinberger’s Cantus Missae is a piece I’ve sung several times over the last ten years and I like it immensely, and we’ll sing some early music as well. Oh, and we are rehearsing Händel’s St John’s Passion – yes, Händel’s, and no, we didn’t know it existed, either. The 2nd altos get to sing 1st tenor which is wonderful. I’m not going to be here over Easter however, so won’t get to perform it, but it’s fun enough to rehearse.

So right now the other choirists are partying and I have just had some Jansson’s Temptation and predict some DVD watching in the near future. And an earlyish bed. Hopefully I’ll be well enough to go back for the second day of choir boot camp, tomorrow.



  1. Darn, all my records are still packed, you made me want to dig up AMDG and listen to God’s Grandeur 🙂

    Somewhere in the Youtube there is a clip of Dudley Moore doing a perfect parody of Britten and Pears, if you want to get even with Britten composing such unsingable polyphony…

  2. Listening to the piece is actually a really good idea. It might help me get some feeling for it (other than the “O NOES” kind of feeling 😀 )

    I still think Britten must have been a misoaltoist. (Altophobe?)

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