Assorted oddities

February 13, 2008

Good afternoon. Here is a mixed link dump.

National Awareness Awareness month. Er, yes. Can’t add anything to that.
Gesellschaft zur Stärkung der Verben want to strengthen the verbs in all languages, including English, Swedish and Latin, to make them as strongly verbed as German. (They have haikus and other amusing German language exercises as well.)
A 5-minute reenactment of the Princess Bride, so funny I pretty much fell off my chair.


One comment

  1. ‘ Satanic Ritual – Decorate the space with human sacrifice, goblets of blood, pentagrams, and things draped in black. A murder mystery game is a fun way to pass the time during the twenties theme party. Every Halloween party that people remember later in the year by saying things like “Do you remember so-and-so’s Halloween party last year.

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