Batter in, water out

February 14, 2008

Our new bed arrived! At least three weeks earlier than we thought it would! So now the waterbed era is over. Because we get attached to inanimate things in our family, we are going to miss it, but I am very much looking forward to trying out the new one. However, we first have to empty the water mattress – quite possibly we won’t be able to do that tonight.

Also, I am halfway through the Personal Blog Writing Month, and have so far written every day. Some days there hasn’t been much to say really, but most days I have had things I wanted to say; when I’m in the non-blogging state I always feel too selfconscious to get with the writing even when there has been something on my mind to blog about, so this having to write every day is in fact very good for me. I have even had pingbacks 🙂
PeBloWriMo was Jukka’s own initiative, by the way, and a thumping good one it is too. He, too, has kept it up. Go us!


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