Phony design, or, Meet me at Fagelsangen

February 20, 2008

I have found one design flaw with the Nokia 6085, and it is a rather annoying one. With the old Nokia phone I had, it was simple to temporarily switch off the word list for txt messages, only a matter of two clicks on the same button. That functionality has been removed – it takes eight or nine clicks, using two different buttons, to turn off the word list, and another two or three clicks to switch languages. Language switching was also quick on the old model, you had to access the menu but it was one of the first choices rather than hid in the middle of the menu as in this model.

The reason why this is a problem is that I do switch a lot between languages when txting, sometimes within the same message even (but more commonly between messages). In particular I think it’s unreasonable not to have a very simple way of turning the word list on and off, since that function used to exist. Another thing that is just stupid is that if the language is set to English, it is impossible to type Swedish characters – so when I send a message in English, arranging to meet somebody somewhere in Uppsala with a Swedish char in the name, writing the txt takes three times as long as it would have if they hadn’t broken the functionality. This is presented as a feature so you won’t “accidentally” use foreign characters. I guess Nokia have no world traveller customers who may need to send txts with foreign street names, to take one obvious example.



  1. As long as I can turn the word list off I’m happy. I’ve never considered ever turning it on again.

  2. You are odd but we like you anyway 🙂

    No, I know that many people just think the wordlist is an annoyance, but I’m used to it and type much quicker with it switched on.

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